Our 2018 Line up is a Unique array of artists you won't find at any other festival. 

Our artists are: Franz Lambert, Max Takano, Brett Wales, Dirkjan Ranzijn, Alex Payler, Bernd Wurzenrainer, Florian Hutter and Ben Scott-Hyde.

Below you can watch video clips from each of our scheduled artists appearing in 2018. 


International organ recording artist Franz Lambert is one of the biggest organ superstars ever. A career that spans over 50 years, Franz is only appearing at one venue in the UK : The Oktoberfest! Franz will be playing both a formal concert on the Sunday evening, as well as the Saturday late night bar in his famous party "felsenkeller" style. Not to be missed! 



Max Takano is a musical virtuoso : a talent that has entertained audiences around the world for decades. We are delighted that Max is making his only European engagement with the Oktoberfest : another unique artist only appearing here at Huntingdon. 




Brett Wales is one of the UKs top organists and is in constant demand across the UK and Europe on the WERSI organ. Brett is a valued member of the Oktoberfest team and the festival would not be the same without his wit, humour and fantastic arrangements. Brett will be playing the welcome duet concert with fellow Oktoberfest team member Ben Scott-Hyde, as well as his own concert on the Friday night. Check out Brett in action below: 


Dutch megastar Dirkjan is one of the most enthusiastic and well known artist to ever sit behind the black and white keys. He's attention to stage production is legendary and we are delighted that Dirkjan will make his Huntingdon Debut this year. 


YouTube star Florian Hutter is a regular artist at the festival and we are very happy that he has agreed to return to play for us again in 2018. Florian plays in the "old" Wersi style of Franz Lambert, Klaus Wunderlich and Curt Prina. Florian will play both older Wersi organs at the festival as well as the brand new SONIC organ. 


Alex joins us for the first time at Huntingdon on his Yamaha ELECTONE. Alex makes fantastic arrangements and is especially at home with film scores and themes. We can't wait for Alex to play his concert on Friday evening and then on Saturday afternoon. 


Another new face to the festival, Brett Wales first saw Bernd performing at a festival in Germany and thought he'd go down very well at the Oktoberfest : so here he comes! Bernd will be playing the Wersi Helios on the late night bar